Sauven Ink Jet Coding Machine

Sauven 6000R Plus

Smart Thinking: Smart Printing

The smart alternative to CIJ printing

The new Sauven 6000 R Plus Inkjet Printer is one of the lowest cost per code and lowest maintainance small character printers. It offers a real alternative to complex CIJ printing at an very affordable price.The piezo technology use in the 6000 R only needs a single sealed ink cartridge and does not require additional make up solvent. This substantially reduces operation cost. One cartridge can make up to 15 million characters of 2mm size letters. Ie 1000 characters will cost you onlyu 0.22 paise


  • Lowest cost per print
  • Operator friendly
  • Nil filter
  • High resolutions Hidh quality print
  • Production friendly inks
  • No costly maintenance contracts

No costly maintenance contracts

The 6000R Plus is manufactures with minimal components to give maximum reliability. No pumps, no valves no compressed air, no droplets charging and no air filters means low maintenance.  That is smart thinking.

Lowest cost per print

The Piezo technology used in the 6000R Plus only needs a single sealed ink cartridge and does not require additional make-up-solvent. This substantially reduces operating costs. That is smart Printing

Operator Confidence

Unique to this printer, the 6000R Plus has the option to select from three deferent levels of message programming and editiong, from every easy and basic to multifunctional programming. That is smart thinking

Production friendly inks

For application in the food, beverage, cosmetics, house hold goods, industrial and extrusion markets, we have highly quality controlled inks that are virtually odourless and are not M.E.K based. We can even offer white ink for those black surfaced products. That is smart printing

Save time! Save money!

50mm or 70mm high printing,


No more need for expensive labels