Carten Sealing Machine

Carton Sealing Machine

The reliable solution for your carton sealing needs
•    Requires less space than a working table
•    Can be easily moved to any point on the factory floor or placed at the end of the packaging line
•    Easy to operate
•    Can be depended upon for a continuous, round the clock operation
•    High speed, reliable and perfect sealing-time after time
•    Semi Automatic Carton Sealer
These machines is mainly useful for the sealing and packing of cartons, which can be single - unit operation or also equipped onto the production line. It is widely used in the field of electrical domestic appliances, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industry.


•    Top and bottom drive belts (FXJ6050)
•    Interchangeable top bottom tape cartridge
•    2" /3" top and bottom tape head
•    Tape overlap length can be adjusted fro 55mm ~65mm to 75 mm
•    In feed / Out feed  (optional)
•    Roller working table
•    Manual top squeezer
•    Blade guards
•    Crank handle adjustments
•    Leg height adjustment 240mm
•    Caster wheel with locking
Automatic Carton Sealer's driving sealing height and two sides clamping width is automatically adjusted by photoelectric and pneumatic mechanism, which can be adjusted at will handy and convenient