Automatic Strapping Machine


Fast Strap Change: Front loading and inserting of strap for convenient service

Ergonomic Design: Provides comfortable and safe operations for various sizes, shapes and materials of straps

Fast Strapping: Strapping is quickly accomplished in only 1.5 Seconds

Simplified Structure: Makes unit easy to operate and maintain

Safety : The Spool dispenser is built inside the machine CE certified electronic components ensure dependable control

KWZ Series suit for production line that is differ in sizes and irregular in shapes. It can achieve unmanned strapping while fix power conveyer, which adopt firm, durable, high-efficient KZ mechanism as main body, with lubrication-free maintenance, firm strapping, high speed and long using life. Adopt table-board driving belt, lifting available driving mechanism with easy maintenance.

Special belt supplying and withdrawing track can enlarge the strapping range and save the packing cost.

Adopt man-machine interface and PLC control, full digital manipulate. so as to make the parameter easy changing and steady operation.